About me

Simple yet uncomplicated images are what I like producing. I like to be creative and imaginative by using what resources I have around me, be it in a studio or on location.

The gallery of images gives you an idea of my passion for photography particularly fashion. The majority of my work is around fashion and is studio based.

A few comments that I have had are;
He really 'gets' fashion and is full of creative ideas, on top of being super-nice to work with :) Dido Wende

Raj has creative ideas which he visions how he'd like them & it makes him stand out. I hope to work with him again.
Betty Blitz

Raj was great to work with: he's friendly and fun, and really puts you at ease. He's full of good ideas and really takes the time to plan a shoot properly... Liz (AndromedaX)

he was creative, inventive and intelligent in his composition. He is also funny and considerate. Alice Kemble

you do such beautiful things with makeup
Alisha Foulds

If you would like to contact me with any feedback or comments, please do so via the Guestbook page.

My Services:
Weddings through to
Commercial Photography

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